I'm fatman
Forget Gotham. It's national pankcake day at IHOP!
For the last time, Stop asking me to join LinkedIn!!!
Na Lacikám, tetszenek-e a tehenek? Persze papa, jófejek... Na akkor tehenenként tíz litert fiam! ??
call the aspca! this is so not cool!
I want me pot of gold! I wonder if I can swap him for a normal child?
My daddy has the best sense of humor.
Spiderman, Spiderman, drinks because he's a broken man!
I can't believe he stood me up. Thanks OKcupid!
This is the best day of my life! Somebody kill me!
Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me. Good boy. So good. Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me. Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me.
Be sure to get Mitten's crotch in the shot. Good idea, Bae! I hope this never goes online!
Gosh, hun. Our dog has the best looking taint I've ever seen. Aww, it's sooo cute!
Su-prise!! Jar Jar gonna bees in da new STARs WARS movies!!!
Holy moly! I shot a big one! Enough rat for everyone to eat!
This thing is heavy. Can someone deflate it for me?
That's right. I get ALL the chicks. Jealous?
I'd like to thank God...I mean The Deflator
They killed Tigger! You bastards!!!
I'll be happy to advise you on paying your taxes.
Halo halo haloooooo
I need friends. Knock, knock. Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting co-- MOO!! Haha! That's a good one, Larry!
Dijeron: si pestañeas te lo pierdes... y así me quedao!!!
Got an extra ticket to see bill cosby. Who wants it!
Thanks North Korea! Thanks North Korea! Thanks North Korea! And Seth Rogen!
Dear Jesus, can u hook me up w/ your HBO Go? Missing Game of Thrones.
...geen vitamientjes vandaag.......
I feel more like a man when I wear women's panties and shoes. TMI
If u didn't like avengers 2, then u hate 'Merica.
So What if my ex and her new boyfriend live with me for free? I'm just being nice.
People make the best pets. LULZ!!!
You want me to stand in line to get you an Apple Watch? You cray cray.
There you go again. Acting like a damn fool.
I'd rather be crucified than poop out more eggs.
Must...stop... watching...cat...videos!
hola como stas
Need HBOGO Account! Must watch Game of thrones!!!