es un trabajo aburrrido vamos al faro mejor vamos a casa !no iremos al faro! hola chicas que os trae por aquí le conseguimos trabajo mi trabajo es aburrido le conseguimos trabajo el padre le consigue trabajo de ministro el farolero acabo en la carcel por corrupto
You won't be smiling later !
I want me nan. Waaaaa!
So What if my ex and her new boyfriend live with me for free? I'm just being nice.
Come on boys, it's all free !
Be sure to get Mitten's crotch in the shot. Good idea, Bae! I hope this never goes online!
Sometimes I look at meself in the mirror and think - God, I want to have sex with you.
70,000K on cosmetic surgery and it was all worth it!
When I win Celebrity Big Brother, I'll be a STAR!
I'm auditioning for The Walking Dead
Nan, nan, they booted me out of the house, Waaaaa !
Put me down you potato head loser ! Must phone me nan to tell her how famous I am
I'm dead fuckin' classy aren't I !
Δράμα αρνάκι άσπρο και παχύ
I am NOT Phil Collins
Mustard from Rome Onions from Central Asia Pickles from India Ketchup from China Ground beef from America Bread from Egypt Felix
I've got balls!
I make-a you the best Ravioli in a can. It's A so good you gonna slap you mama!
Mummy was the people's princess you know Slag Dirty cow
I'm fatman
call the aspca! this is so not cool!
Dear Jesus, can u hook me up w/ your HBO Go? Missing Game of Thrones.
Hey, thanks for wearing the joke ears I bought you for Christmas Best present I ever had babe What a pair of total twats !
No, I'm not the Flash. I'm the Flesh.
Cheers Ott YA Bazzer !
I really like my new glasses!
CHEERS OTT Reckon I'm next?
FMB, I was fine until I had an OttPhaal !
Hola Thor !... Invitame a bañar en la piscina del Benja ?
Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me. Good boy. So good. Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me. Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me.
Pint o' Speshhhhh
I can't believe he stood me up. Thanks OKcupid!
CHEERS OTT Come away Melinda...
Cheers Ott. I ain't goin' yet ya bazzer!