So What if my ex and her new boyfriend live with me for free? I'm just being nice.
Be sure to get Mitten's crotch in the shot. Good idea, Bae! I hope this never goes online!
I want me nan. Waaaaa!
I'm auditioning for The Walking Dead
I'm fatman
I make-a you the best Ravioli in a can. It's A so good you gonna slap you mama!
No, I'm not the Flash. I'm the Flesh.
call the aspca! this is so not cool!
Put me down you potato head loser ! Must phone me nan to tell her how famous I am
Dear God,
70,000K on cosmetic surgery and it was all worth it!
Come on boys, it's all free!
por fín algo para beber!
Sometimes I look at meself in the mirror and think - God, I want to have sex with you.
When I win Celebrity Big Brother, I'll be a STAR!
You won't be smiling later !
Anyáknapjára hoztam kicsi szivemből!
Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me. Good boy. So good. Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me. Sometimes I think he loves that dog more than me.
Nan, nan, they booted me out of the house, Waaaaa !
This is the best day of my life! Somebody kill me!
Δράμα αρνάκι άσπρο και παχύ
Hey, thanks for wearing the joke ears I bought you for Christmas Best present I ever had babe What a pair of total twats !
I am NOT Phil Collins
That's right. I get ALL the chicks. Jealous?
Me nan's going to be so proud - I'm going into the jungle!
I can't believe he stood me up. Thanks OKcupid!
I've got balls!
I'm dead fuckin' classy aren't I !
Mummy was the people's princess you know Slag Dirty cow
On nemá chrbát!
¡¡Que a gusto se esta en la playa de vacaciones!!
Cheers Ott YA Bazzer !
Spiderman, Spiderman, drinks because he's a broken man!
¿Avanzamos? !Hay que acabar el módulo III! ¿Qué os pasa? Estoy petrificado del cansancio con tanta actividad. EEEEOOO. LOS DE DETRÁS. QUE YA NOS QUEDA MUY POCO. Lo peor ya ha pasado. Un último esfuerzo. Estamos con las herramientas. Todo requiere su tiempo. Sin prisas pero sin pausas
Su-prise!! Jar Jar gonna bees in da new STARs WARS movies!!!
Forget Gotham. It's national pankcake day at IHOP!